“Go after your dreams and ambitions, live your best life. Because a life half-lived is not living at all”

Beverley Bramwell is a Career Transition coach working with women to connect to their ambitions and play a bigger game, and a consultant providing leadership support to CEOs introducing change.

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Meet Beverley

Founder of #EmbraceYourAmbition

Hello, I’m Beverley.

I’m the founder of #EmbraceYourAmbitiona and a Career Transition coach working with women to connect them to their ambition and play a bigger game; the transformation occurs when they realise they are ready to embrace their ambition and have the happiness and success they want.

I’ve held various senior roles including CEO of a charity prior to being an MBA-qualified coach with a passion for women’s development. I believe it is important that women see their potential and are inspired to live up to it. I set up #EmbraceYourAmbition to work with those confident women.

I am also a consultant working with a select number of CEOs, supporting them to introduce change, to make their organisations more effective and a better place to work.

My role is to bring clarity to their vision, support them through any challenges and help them to be their most effective self.

Work with Beverley

“Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking, so that other people won’t feel insecure around you”

– Marianne Williamson


Beverley is a Career Transition coach who works with women who are ready to reinvent their careers in the face of upheaval (redundancy/ restructuring/downsizing) or dissatisfaction. She also works with women who are ready for their next leadership role.

Beverley is committed to supporting you to connect to your ambition and embrace the positivity of your career transition as an opportunity to play a bigger game.

Beverley has developed the Career Reset Programme which is tailored to your career needs and goals. It enables you to create the career or lifestyle that you want if you are willing to get out of your own way and step into your power.

Contact Beverley to arrange a Career Reset call to discuss how you can connect to your ambition and start planning your career transition and ultimate success.


Beverley provides leadership support to CEOs introducing change. Through consultancy, interim management, or a combination of both. Beverley’s background includes an MBA specialising in organisation development and strategic planning with several years experience in senior management roles.

Working with Beverley you will get clarity about your vision, any challenges to achieving it, and how you can be more effective overcoming them. Beverley will also support the development of any plans required to implement your ambitions for the organisation.

Beverley works with charities and not for profit organisations to be more effective. This includes strategic and business planning, business change and organisation development.

Contact Beverley to arrange an initial discussion about your organisation.


Beverley is a sought-after speaker on women’s leadership, how women can play a bigger game at work and how to get ready for career success. Contact her for more information.

“To embrace your ambition is to accept willingly and enthusiastically, a strong desire to do or achieve something.”

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Be unapologetically you. Embrace your ambition!

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