Gordon-Brown2Bob Crow and Gordon Brown have both been in the news recently and their style of leadership has been under scrutiny.

They are both powerful men. Bob Crow is the leader of the Rail,  Maritime and Transport union (RMT) and Gordon Brown the Prime Minister.

However, we have a contrast in qualities.

One is strong and unequivocal, determined to do their best for their followers. The other is nervous, self conscious and indecisive.
They each have a following, in one case members of a union, the other a Cabinet.

bobcrowHowever, one of them has followers who are treacherous, cowardly and given the right opportunity would betray him. The other knows that if he lost favour with his followers, it would be time to go, without hesitation. His followers trust him and believe that he has their interests at heart.

The result?

Gordon will always be looking over his shoulder, having to indulge members of his team, even when he doesn’t want to. Bob, on the other hand, called a strike and his members followed him.

What sort of leader are you? What is your leadership style?

Do you have a clear vision for the organisation and do your team share it?

Or are you unsure of your future?

(The title of the blog is from a  Carole King song)

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