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In two days time, on 6 May, people in the United Kingdom will be voting to elect a new government, whether Labour, Liberal Democrats or Conservative. These political parties are lead by Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron, respectively.

These three men regardless of their politics share some similar characteristics: They are all white, male as mentioned, married with a family.

However, their most important shared characteristic is their self-belief; that they are the right person to lead and inspire their parties, and to be elected to run this country. Whatever, they may feel in private when they step onto that stage or give an interview, they believe in themselves.


(Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg)

Only one of them can win, (regardless of what may happen after the elections) and even though they know this, it does not deter them.

What could you achieve, if your self-belief was unstoppable or maybe unlimited; even if you failed, it would still be worth it?

Don’t tell me, just do it!

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