This is one of the questions in my coaching work with women leaders and managers because I meet women who hold themselves back from enjoying the success they deserve.

This shows up as not putting yourself forward at work for projects, not speaking up, not taking charge. You have the confidence and you can do it, but because of how you see yourself, you’re not being who you really are. If you’re asked or worse told that you’ll be leading, you will do it. There may be some inner resistance at first, but you deliver the success required. Does it always have to be this way?

You have confidence, motivation and all the required skills, but you hide your talents and only show up reluctantly or as a lesser version of who you can be.

This may be as a result of your conditioning? Nice girls don’t push themselves forward. And you want to be a nice girl. There’s a lot of judgement, some internal but equally external. Therefore if you want to avoid the external judgement, it’s easier to shrink back or play a smaller game. However, pursuing your ambition can be a great thing if you’re willing to take the risk and go for it, and you can can’t focus on what people think about you to halt your success.

Simon Sinek says ‘Safe is good for sidewalks and swimming pools. Life requires risk if we are to get anywhere’.

Hillary Clinton lost the US presidential elections and I cannot imagine how disappointed she felt about the result. However, she took the risk of putting herself forward for the biggest leadership job. Her example will inspire other women to discover what is possible too and I’m sure we will witness another woman candidate run for election in the US.

In the UK there have been two women Prime Minsters and there are various women leaders around the world.

Are you being the leader you can be, or are you hiding out, when you could be showing up, and do you believe that you don’t deserve your success? show-up-career

If you want to change those beliefs and step into your power and have the career you want, then contact me to arrange a career reset call to discuss your leadership needs.

I have been a director, and have been both a deputy chief executive and chief executive. I understand what it is like to hide out, and what it is like to finally show up too, and I know which I prefer.

Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

Contact me to arrange a career reset call today.


career coachBeverley Bramwell is the founder of #EmbraceYourAmbition. She is a Career Transition coach helping ambitious professionals and executives with career change and transition, in the face of dissatisfaction and redundancy.

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