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We’re almost at the end of January, what have you done to make your career dreams happen, have you started or have you stopped?

What stops you? The cycle of ‘what if and then what?’

You see you want to know now the outcome of your actions and whether it all ends well. But you can’t see that far into the future, so you’re stuck second-guessing yourself.

Here’s the reality, you have to follow the clues to see where they lead you. At each stage, you can take stock of the situation and decide your next move.

There’s an added complication. You’re afraid and you’re trying to overcome the fear so that you can take action.

It’s a conundrum.

‘How do I get over my fear to take the next step and what if it doesn’t work out, then what?’

You have to trust yourself. The fear isn’t real. Nothing and no one is going to ‘get you’. 

That innate confidence that you always have is all that you need now. You always have confidence, it just comes and goes like the tides, but it doesn’t disappear.

You can recall confident memories; getting that date, that first interview, that wonderful satisfying memory.

Connect with it now. It’s a choice that you can make.

Take that first step and don’t look back!

I want to help you with your career dreams. I want to help you with the ‘doing’. In a personal 45-minute one to one session, we will deep dive into your career plans, we will discuss what you want to achieve and what is preventing this from happening. But most importantly we will unlock and develop the plans that will help you realise your goals and ambitions. Book your appointment for the Career Surgery today.


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