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In the last few days, I’ve seen people’s presentations fail due to technology, others failing to show up for their own online events due to diary mishaps. I failed to be somewhere on time due to a road accident which caused a traffic jam, and I’m sure you have your tales of when things haven’t gone your way.

However, how did you respond? Did you cry or shout or blame?

We may not like what has happened, but could you accept this as a failure, and that we do this sometimes?

It does not mean YOU ARE a failure or that you will never succeed at anything and that you’re not good enough.

So if this is just a bump in the road and we can get over it and get on with our day and our lives, how could you transfer that thinking into something you have decided is not possible, because you failed at it previously? 

Could you reframe it and see it differently? ‘That didn’t work out for me, but there will be other opportunities where it will?’

‘Failure is not a necessary evil, it is a necessary consequence of trying something new’ Ed Catmull co-founder and CEO of Pixar

Are you attending interviews and if you haven’t been successful, taking those feelings of being a failure and not being good enough with you into the next interview?

How’s that working out for you?

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‘Failure you can do alone, but success always takes help’ Simon Sinek


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